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Accommodation: Pleasure boats and recreational craft can be used from 1 April to 30 September for overnight accommodation during weekends and short holidays without special permission.

Anchoring: It is not permitted to anchor in Copenhagen Port.

Approaches: Copenhagen Port can be approached by day and by night. Larger ships and yachts must complete a Ship Report.

Approaching from the north: Recreational craft and small commercial vessels must approach via Lynetteløbet.
Kronløbet is reserved for commercial traffic (cruise ships, container ships, etc.).
North of Ndr. Toldbod, navigation through the Outer Harbour must take place on the eastern side of the harbour, east of the yellow buoys.
Sailing to and from the Marina at Langelinie must take place across the harbour channel and must not inconvenience with other traffic.
Approaching Sdr. Frihavn must take place across the harbour channel, also without inconveniencing other traffic. Watch out for traffic to and from the DFDS Terminal in Sdr. Frihavn. Navigation with recreational craft is not permitted when cargo and passenger ships are arriving/departing. Berthing and sailing are marked with a red flashing light signal at the breakwaters in the Marina and at Redmolen 15 minutes before berthing and sailing.
Row-boats and kayaks must navigate via the Pramrenden channel at the southern end of Østbassinet. Between the north end of Nordre Toldbod and Sjællandsbroen bridge, recreational craft must use an engine or be towed.

Approaching from the south: When passing Sjællandsbroen and Jernbanebroen bridges, the vertical clearance is 3.0 m at mean sea level. Slusen in Kalveboderne opens for certain periods. Opening hours in 2012. See also the section under "Slusen"

Bathing: The water in the harbour is now so clean that three bathing facilities have been opened. Find the locations, water quality and opening hours on Copenhagen Municipality's website.

Berths/prices: Guest berths/permanent moorings - allocation
Berths are allocated by the individual harbours or associations. Refer to the map
Berths in Sdr. Frihavn: CPH City & Port Development rents out berths in Vestbassinet in Søndre Firhavn. Residents of the area have priority for these places, and there are currently no vacancies. The prices are determined by the width of the space and they cost DKK 4,057 per metre in width (ink. VAT). A berth of 4 metres therefore costs DKK 16,228 per year. A deposit of one year's rent must also be paid.
If you are interested in being written onto the waiting list, contact acting harbour master Morten Johansen at
Inquiries regarding guest berths, topping up cards for electricity and water, etc. can be made by e-mail or tel.: 2179 1460 on weekdays 08:00-12:00.

Booking of bridge opening: see the note on bridges.
Passing bridges - requirements for radio communication and engine power: During passage, recreational craft must be contactable on VHF channel 12 or by mobile telephone. Passage must be performed with an engine with sufficient engine power.
For other bridges: Refer to the map

Bridges: Knippelsbro, Langebro and Bryggebroen
Vertical clearance: 5.4 metres
Sailing width: 35 metres
Vertical clearance: 7.0 metres
Sailing width: 35 metres
Vertical clearance: 5.4 metres
Sailing width: 19.9 metres
(at normal water level)

Canals - navigation:
Boats passing through: Christianshavns Canal can be navigated in a N-S direction. Slotsholms Canal can be navigated in a S-N direction.

Canals - speed restrictions: The maximum acceptable speed in the canals is 4 knots.

Commercial traffic:
Commercial traffic in Copenhagen Port is serviced by Copenhagen Malmö Port.

Contact: Harbour Office, Tel.: 0045 3546 1138/39
VHF ch. 12.
See also
Recreational craft may not enter the commercial port (Nordhavn, Langelinie and Prøvestenen). Refer to the map

Currents: The current through the port is not more than 2 knots. The current in the harbour usually follows the direction of the channel, although currents flowing northwards can sometimes deviate quite strongly towards Stubben and southbound currents can deviate towards Trekroner. Refer to the current measurements:

Depths: See the water depths on the map.

Toilet tanks and oily water can be emptied at Copenhagen Port's Environment Station, Lautrupkaj by Svanemølleværket. The Environment Station is open from 1 April to 1 November and can be used free of charge.

Guest berths in the Inner Harbour - booking:
Larger recreational craft and training ships etc. with a minimum length of 30 metres (90 feet) can reserve a berth in Amaliehaven, Sdr. Toldbod as far as Vestindisk Pakhus and Nyhavn (the Charlottenborg side, east of Nyhavnsbroen) by contacting the Harbour Master, tel.: 0045 4042 3977.
There is no access to electricity, water or toilet facilities.

Guest boats - fees:
Fees are stated in the current price list in the box on the right.

Harbour Master:
The harbour master can be contacted by telephone: 0045 4042 3977.
Acting harbour master Morten Johansen, City and Port, Ndr. Toldbod 7, postbox 2083, 1013 Copenhagen K.

Jet skis:
The use of jet skis etc. is permitted to a limited extent. Read more about the areas where the use of jet skis is permitted.

Larger ships:
Reporting of waste must occur 24 hours prior to arrival. This applies, for example, to the collection of special waste. Complete the attached form.

Map of the port:

INT 1331 - The Sound, Northern part
INT 1332 - The Sound, Southern part
INT 1333 - The Sound, Middle part
INT 1334 - Copenhagen Port

Name and identification:
Recreational craft must bear the vessel's name and home port and/or identifying mark of an appropriate size.

Copenhagen's Traffic Police patrol the harbour. Tel.: 0045 3314 4848, ext. 2811
Additional contact with the police:
Amager side: Station Amager, Tel.: 0045 3258 1448
Nyhavn and further south (Zealand side): Station City, Tel.: 0045 3325 1448
Nyhavn and further north (Zealand side): Station: Station Bellahøj, Tel.: 0045 3810 1448

Port Boundaries: See a map of the boundaries of Copenhagen Port

Port Regulations: The applicable rules for navigation in the harbour are described in the Ministry of Transport's Standard Regulations for compliance with the rules in Danish ports, and also in the special regulations for Copenhagen Port.

Ship Reports:
Larger ships must report their arrival at least 24 hours before arrival. See the box Booklets and forms to the right on the page. Notification can occur using the form Ship Reports, via or by faxing the attached form.
All ships carrying more than 12 passengers must also receive authorisation before disembarking passengers. This also applies to private yachts, training ships, etc. Read more

Slusen: It is possible to sail through Slusen from Sydhavnen to Kalveboderne. Slusen can only be used by ships under 10.8 m in width and 53 m in length. The bridges south of Slusen impose a further restriction of 3 metres in height. There is a special passage for rowers on the island at Stigbordene.
See Slusen's opening hours here
Slusen - contact:
Sluselauget guild
Hans Munkstrøm 0045 5046 8021
Jan Petersen 0045 5046 8022
Telephone in Slusen 0045 4019 5826

Speed restrictions: Recreational craft may not exceed a speed of 6 knots in the main channel and 4 knots in canals and side channels.

Copenhagen Port is located close to the City. If you are sailing in a low motorboat, a tour of the canals can be recommended, but visitors in vessels with a mast must take the tour in a tour boat. Further tourist information is available here: or

Transport: The harbour water bus lines 901, 902 and 903 sail between Refshaleøen and Sluseholmen/Teglholmen. Tickets and cards are also valid on the metro, buses and S-trains -  

Water skiing:
Water skiing is not permitted in the harbour.

Water levels: See the current water levels in Copenhagen Port on DMI's website.
High water and low water are most common in autumn, winter and spring and less frequent in the period from May to August. Winds from W-NW may produce high water and winds from the E-S may produce low water. The statistics on high water show up to 1.0 m per year with a maximum of 1.6 metres. The statistics on low water show up to 0.7 m per year with a maximum of 1.0 metres.
For more information on the current water level - see - click on Copenhagen [København].

Yacht Clubs: Find contact details for yacht clubs here.