Copenhagen Malmö Port


CPH City & Port Development is responsible for the port operations in Copenhagen Port. As the owner of the area, CPH City & Port Development also services and maintains the commercial port's infrastructure and it invests in buildings and facilities.

The operational management of the port is carried out by the Danish-Swedish port company, Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP). CPH City & Port Development took over the Danish ownership of CMP in October 2007 from Copenhagen Port, which had been the Danish owner since CMP was establishment in 2001.

CMP is the principle port operator in the Øresund Region and is responsible for a major part of the region's supply of goods and materials. At the same time, CMP plays a central role at the Nordic level as a destination for cruise ships and as a transit point for oil products.

Briefly about CMP

CMP was established through the merger of the port and terminal activities in Copenhagen Port Ltd. and Malmö Port Ltd. in 2001. CMP is registered as a Swedish limited liability company and is headquartered in Copenhagen.

Ownership of CMP: CPH City & Port Development (50%) and Malmö Port Ltd. Malmö Port Ltd. are jointly owned by the City of Malmö and a number of private investors.

Port ownership: CPH City & Port Development owns and leases land to CMP in Denmark. On the Swedish side, the port areas are owned by the City of Malmö, who lease land to CMP.

CMP's vision: To be a leading, innovative and customer-oriented port and terminal operator.

Competitive advantages: CMP can draw on a large, affluent hinterland, large land reserves and a well-developed infrastructure with a major airport. Finally, CMP has the right location to service the Northern European, Scandinavian, Baltic and western Russian market.

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Copenhagen Malmö Port AB
Containervej 9
Postbox 900
DK-2150 Nordhavn

T: + 45 3546 1111
F: + 45 3546 1164

Facts on CMP

Revenue and earnings:
2010: SEK 675 million

2009: SEK 733 million

2008: SEK 784 million

2007: SEK 733 million


2010: SEK 116 million

2009: SEK 128 million

2008: SEK 181 million

2007: SEK 146 million

Executive Board: CEO Johan Röstin. Deputy CEO Lennart Pettersson.

Board of Directors:
Chairman Peter Maskell, Professor, Copenhagen Business School. Vice-Chairman Anders Rubin, deputy mayor of Malmö.

Number of employees:

2010: 404

2009: 412

2008: 476

2007: 490



CPH PORT is part of CPH City & Port Development.
CPH PORT is responsible for port operations in Copenhagen Port and it also exercises regulatory functions on the water.
The commercial port operations are undertaken by CPH City & Port Development's subsidiary, Copenhagen Malmö Port.