CPH Port


Copenhagen's location on the Sound means that port operations have always been an important part of the city's infrastructure.

The existence of the port ensures an efficient supply of goods to and from the city's industries and consumers. At the same time, the port is a very important "source of supply" for the city's tourism industry due to the arrival of large numbers of cruise ships. And finally, the port is increasingly used as part of the city's recreational facilities.

CPH City & Port Development's operations department ensures that the port is kept neat, clean and functional. Copenhagen Port comprises 42 kilometres of wharf, all of which must be maintained. Hundreds of yachts and pleasure vessels dock at the quays of the capital city every year. And the city's residents and tourists make extensive use of the port's recreational areas. A staff of more than 40 expert personnel in the company is responsible for this and much more. They ensure that everyone can enjoy the harbour.

The majority of CPH City & Port Development's commercial harbour activities are undertaken by the 50%-owned subsidiary, Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP), which is also responsible for the commercial port operations in Malmö. Read more about CMP on their website: www.cmport.com

Contact the Harbourmaster

E-mail: info@byoghavn.dk

Tel: +45 4042 3977

Morten Johansen


E-mail: mjo@byoghavn.dk

Telephone: 2179 1460


Frants Kjellerup Sørensen

Assistent Harbourmaster

E-mail: fks@byoghavn.dk

Telephone: 2178 0013


CPH PORT is part of CPH City & Port Development.
CPH PORT is responsible for port operations in Copenhagen Port and it also exercises regulatory functions on the water.
The commercial port operations are undertaken by CPH City & Port Development's subsidiary, Copenhagen Malmö Port.