User-friendly and flexible parking is the highest priority in the neighbourhoods developed by CPH City & Port Development.

CPH City & Port Development develops new urban areas within an attractive framework for both the residential and commercial sectors. As a natural part of the urban development, therefore, CPH City & Port Development also establishes and operates parking for the people who will live and work in the new areas. Initially, this will primarily be in Ørestad and on Amerika Plads, but over time it will also involve Nordhavn.

In several of the other port areas, CPH City & Port Development will be able to offer individual parking spaces along with the lease. The parking will be administered by Europark in the majority of cases. The following pages provide information about CPH City & Port Development's parking facilities.

Contact Parking

Please feel free to contact CPH City & Port Development if you have any questions about parking. 

Tel.: 3262 3323

You can also visit the parking office at Edvard Thomsens Vej 4C in Ørestad.

Opening hours:

Monday: Phone hours 9-12, opening hours 8-10

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Phone hours 9-12, opening hours 14-16

Thursday: Phone hours 9-12, Opening hours 8-10

Friday: Closed