Amerika Plads


A new neighbourhood in the city. By the water. Amerika Plads is the result of close cooperation between CPH City & Port Development, TK Development and the renowned Dutch architect, Adriaan Geuze, from the architect firm West 8.

The objective was to create a real town, where there is a mixture of functions and enough people to ensure there is life in the squares and roads. High quality, challenging architecture and high-density development has been key concepts in achieving this goal.

The result can be seen by visiting the district, where award-winning residential and commercial buildings are located opposite an active ferry terminal, and where cafés, kiosks and supermarkets operate on a daily basis.  

Along the way, consideration has always been given to the historic assets ​​of the area, and CPH City & Port Development has spearheaded the renovation of a number of the area's beautiful historic buildings, all of which have been transformed into exclusive offices.

One of the most noteworthy buildings is the old Freeport Station from 1895. It was put into storage during the construction phase, and it now again in the centre of Amerika Plads, where it is being used for public-oriented purposes.

The district´s size

The total project includes:

  • approx. 50,000 m2 of renovated buildings
  • approx.53,000 m2 of new commercial buildings
  • approx. 42,000 m2 of new residential buildings