lm project


In 2008, the world-famous architect, Steven Holl, won the competition for the LM project - the two towers and the bridge between the tip of Langelinie and Marmormolen. 

The jury was convinced by the proposal's compact towers, which are adapted to the harbour environment, and the bridge, which "meets like a handshake over the harbour".

The winning project was presented at a press conference and is characterized by two spectacular and robust towers - one on Marmormolen and one on Langelinie. The towers are connected by a thin walkway, which the jury felt resembles a "handshake" between the ends of the two quays.

The jury found the design of the proposal to be exclusive and they emphasized that it also invites public-oriented facilities, such as terraces, restaurants and naturally walking on the spectacular walkway that connects the two areas.

The tower on Marmormolen is 24 floors high and the tower on the tip of Langelinie is slightly higher, with 27 floors. The bridge connecting the two quays extends from the towers' 17 floors, 65 m above the surface of the water.


The chairman of the jury and CEO of CPH City & Port Development, Mr. Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, said at the press conference:

"The project combines the beautiful, the functional and the commercial, and the design of the project's two towers are inspired by the harbour's original architecture. This winning proposal is architecture of a very high class."

In addition to the competition for the towers and the bridge, the architecture competition also included a competition for the landscaping of the adjacent spaces. 

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