Water on three sides. Right on the coast of the Øresund Sound, at the approach to Copenhagen and close to Denmark's largest marina. Between Hellerup and Langelinie. Adjacent to the beautiful Østerbro and close to the city. This is Nordhavn. 

Nordhavn offers a range of experiences. Feel the fresh breeze from the Sound while taking a walk, watch the port operations and containers, visit a café or restaurant in the newly redeveloped Kalkbrænderihavn or discover the fishing harbour's charming, self-developed environment.

The changing face of the Århusgade district
Urban development has commenced in the Århusgade district - the southernmost part of Nordhavn. From a harbour area with free-port status and intensive use, the area is being transformed into a district of neighbourhoods based on islets linked directly to the water and a diverse and varied district with room for everyone. 

The Århusgade district, bounded by the North Basin, Kronløb bassin and Kronløbet channel, will be developed as the first urban neighbourhood with space for approximately 3,000 residents and 7,000 workplaces.

The planning of the Århusgade district started in 2009 with the implementation of an international competition. Since then, the winning project has been further developed in the form of development strategies, construction plans and a number of planning themes that will guide the continued development of Nordhavn.

Copenhagen City Council has also adopted the necessary local development plan. CPH City & Port Development has therefore begun to implement the first phase of the largest and most ambitious urban project in Copenhagen.

Watch a video about the development of the Århusgade district

Nordhavn´s history

The areas around Århusgade originate from land reclamation carried out around 1900, when they served as a combined port and industrial area. General cargo traffic, and container traffic since 1970, have each influenced the design of the area.

A number of companies have been closely associated with Nordhavn, including Nordisk Film and Dansk Industri Syndikat (Riffelsyndikatet), which was the target of sabotage during the Nazi occupation. 

Sale of land

CPH City & Port Development's sales department is responsible for the sale of the company's land.


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