How we develop the city


When CPH City & Port Development develops neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, we do it properly. We are aware that both the big picture and the small details are important when you are providing the framework for thousands of people's daily lives and activities.

CPH City & Port Development is responsible for ensuring that the neighbourhood achieves the best possible environment to grow in a vibrant and viable manner.

There is a long way from an empty building site to a thriving urban neighbourhood. CPH City & Port Development takes care of all phases of urban development: from the detailed local planning work, which takes place in close cooperation with the City of Copenhagen, to the sale of land, project development, block planning and infrastructure. At the same time, the company works with the human dimension of development in its urban areas. For example, it acts as an advisor, midwife or project manager in relation to e.g. building relationships, associations and commercial activities, culture, services and traditions.

CPH City & Port Development collaborates with leading construction companies to establish the overall infrastructure in the new urban areas owned by the company. This includes power supplies, piping for water and sewage and the construction of roads, canals, public squares and parking. Since CPH City & Port Development is a development company, the ownership and maintenance of the infrastructure will gradually be transferred to the City of Copenhagen and to the home-owners' associations when development of the areas is completed.

One of the company's special skills is to optimize the value growth in an individual urban area. The company ensures that the overall goals are incorporated so that the overall solution will be as good as possible for the benefit of the many people who will subsequently reside and live in the urban neighbourhoods.

CPH City & Port Development shall act on a commercial basis and emphasize quality. The company has a long development perspective and we will not allow poor quality to compromise the future urban area.

A city's development is never completed. A city is constantly evolving and re-vitalizing itself over time. And the goal of CPH City & Port Development is to be an active player in the city's development until it has achieved enough critical mass to sustain itself.


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