General Management

The Executive Board is responsible for the daily management of the company and consisted of one member at the end of 2011. Information about the Board of Directors can be found in the annual report.

The Board of Directors shall determine the specific guidelines for the Executive Board, including the division of tasks between the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

Contact us

By & Havn
Nordre Toldbod 7
1259 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 3376 9800

Emergency contact:

By & Havn’s hotlines only handle emergencies, such as water and storm damage concerning:

  • The company’s buildings and rental properties – T: 2337 5059
  • Maritime services, bridge opening, the lock, water areas and docking – T: 4042 3977
  • Land services, roads, open areas and rental areas - T: 2080 988 T: 2337 5059 


  • In the event of acute problems in or on a By & Havn car park, press the ‘info’ button on the ticket machine. Otherwise, you can call the number provided. Our lines are manned around the clock. 

Commercial shipping

  • Calls from and concerning commercial shipping: please contact Copenhagen Malmø Port T: 3546 1138.