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CPH City & Port Development was founded in October 2007. The purpose of the partnership is primarily to develop areas in Ørestad and Copenhagen Port and also to manage port operations in the port.

The port is operated through the subsidiary company, Copenhagen Malmö Port.

The Ørestad Development Corporation Ltd., Frederiksbergbaneselskabet Ltd. and Copenhagen Port Ltd. were all dissolved when CPH City & Port Development was established.

CPH City & Port Development is an urban development company. It was established under Act no. 551 of 6 June 2007 regarding Metroselskabet I/S and Arealudviklingsselskabet I/S. CPH City & Port Development changed name to Arealudviklingsselskabet I/S on 14 May 2008.

CPH City & Port Development is jointly owned by the City of Copenhagen (95%) and the Danish state (5%).

The map below shows the areas where CPH City & Port Development has activities:

Contact the company

CPH City & Port Development

Nordre Toldbod 7

DK-1259 Copenhagen

Tel: 3376 9800

E-mail: info@byoghavn.dk

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The building was constructed in 1868-69 and was designed by Vilhelm Dahlerup and Fr. Bøttger according to a proposal from Ferdinand Meldahl (the architect of Copenhagen's Marble Church) inspired by the Palazzo Pandolfino in Florence. The top two floors were added to the building in 1939 by the architect Einar Madvig.